As ERA, we are doing PPE sales in our country by combining CRESTO, ResQ, FALL SAFE and IRUDEK ‘s power, which is one of the leading companies in PPD (Personal Protective Equipment) production and education sector in international markets.

    The products we sell are noteworthy with our high quality equipments which have international standards and are sector specific.

    PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) PERIODIC MAINTENANCE SERVICES

    In the context of EN 365: 2004, annual maintenance of the decline stop system and equipment is required periodically. In this context, it is imperative that all Personal Protective Equipment controls used within the institution are made and approved under the supervision of an expert.

    According to the Labor Law No. 4857, day care and controls of PPE allocated to employees are required to be carried out by the employer.

    Performing annual inspections and inspections under the supervision of an expert will play an active role in avoiding accidents caused by PPE.

    In addition, it should be taken into account that the equipment will be affected by external factors, that it will be out of warranty if it fits its life span, and that there will be wear outs due to use.

    In this context, as ERA, our periodic inspections are carried out by controllers who are authorized by PETZL, CRESTO, FALL SAFE and IRUDEK companies and have certificates of expertise in PPE.