Rope Access is a secure and globally accepted system, which was developed in the early 1990s by means of speleology and mountaineering, enabling access to inaccessible points with the help of staging, towers, cranes and other traditional methods.

    Hight Work Trainings
    GWO Trainings
    SPRAT / IRATA Trainings

    ERA provides all types of services for Wind Power Plants with its technicians equipped with national and international experience, and high grade certificates. Such services includes processes such as installation, management and all types of maintenance.

    In environments such as factories, facilities, construction sites, roofs requiring working at height, stairs and similar places; LIFE LINES are preferred in order to provide protective measures for heavy traffic routes used by the staff

    The ERA provides NDT non-destructive inspection services without damaging the integrity of the material or part to be examined.

    Where necessary, it can be provided by experienced ERA technicians that the company’s own NDT specialists can be safely transported to the places where they are to be worked, where they are likely to fall, and to be safely lowered at the end of the work.

    As ERA, we sell PPE (Protective Personal Equipment) by uniting our power with CRESTO, ResQ, FALL SAFE ve IRUDEK which are the leading institutions for PPE in terms of production and training in the international markets.


    • Training field, enabling the safety of all participating in the training,
    • Preventing the possible accidents by keeping the education quality at a high level,
    • Raising consciousness for the participants regarding the permanent need for the safe working environment by the help of our experienced trainers sharing their knowledge,
    • Creating subject specific approaches by means of arranging training subjects,
    • Creating tailor made solutions by virtue of keeping a close eye on the innovations in the market in order to keep the trainees safe.
    • Foreseeing the accidents which might result from working at height as well as force majeure; raising awareness of the workers with the help of special approaches regarding rescue operations
    • Raising consciousness of the employees about labour law and their liabilities,
    • Informing trainees extensively about the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) which is made available for the use of personnel working at height.
    • Prepared under the name of Global Wind Organisation (GWO) Basic Safety Training (BST), Theoretical and hands-on trainings, which are including Working at Height and Rescue for Wind Turbines, First Aid, Fire Consciousness and Manual Handling defines the standards of International Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) for wind power sector.
    • It is accepted by all members that the trainees completing the training process given by GWO education providers would possess all the necessary qualifications in order to provide a completely secure and healthy working environment.
    • As a GWO (Global Wind Organisation) Education Centre, ERA has the authority to give internationally valid GWO Basic Safety Training for wind turbines.
    • ERA provides GWO, SPRAT ve IRATA rope access technician training in Tuzla at the “Training Centre for Working at Height and Rope Access”. In cases when the facility is available, on site training is also provided.
    • ERA opens courses for Rope Access Technicians according to SPRAT and IRATA certification conditions. Candidates learning the rope manoeuvres as well as the requirements of the industry are receiving their trainings from trainers who are actively working on sites and qualified in their professions. These trainings are taking place at ERA’s Training Centre for Working at Height and Rope Access and/or in suitable locations fit for the criteria of the customers.