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      From the installation of Wind Power Plants to the commissioning phase, we provide all kinds of services with technicians with high level of experience and high level of certification.

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      Life Line

      LIFE LINES are preferred as a precautionary measure for the protection of the passage route of the employees working in factories, facilities, construction areas and roofs, stairs and similar environments where they are working at height.

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      Industrial Services

      With Rope Access, we provide services such as assembly, NDT services, life line, safety net, torqueing with our knowledgeable, skilled and experienced technicians in all kinds of industrial structures that are difficult to reach and reach.

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      Our training

      • ERA offers Rope Access Technician courses according to SPRAT and IRATA certification requirements. In addition to the rope maneuvers used in rope access technicians in these courses, candidates who have learned the requirements of the industry, from the trainers who are still active in the field and who are also qualified in their fields, are trained in ERA’s own closed High Work and Rope Access Training Center or in accordance with customer’s criteria. It is located.
      • GWO (Global Wind Organization) Basic Safety Training (BST) under the name of the wind turbines for the work and rescue, first aid, fire awareness and hand transport, theoretical and practical trainings, International Occupational Health for RES Sector It determines safety (OHS) standards.
      • It is acknowledged by all members that Wind industry employees who have completed the trainings provided through GWO training provider centers all over the world and have GWO certification have the necessary features for creating a safe and healthy work environment.
      • ERA, as the GWO (Global Wind Organization) Training Center, is authorized to provide GWO Basic Safety Training for wind turbines in international validity.
      • ERA, GWO, SPRAT and IRATA provide Rope Access Technician Trainings at the closed Çalışma Working at Height and Rope Access Training Center Tuz in Tuzla, where the facility is suitable.
      • Training site, to ensure the safety of all participants in the training,
      • To keep the quality of education constantly high, to eliminate the possibility of accidents,
      • To create security awareness for the participants with the transfer of knowledge and experience by our trainers who are experienced in safe working environments that are continuous for the personnel working at height,
      • To gather education topics under separate headings and to produce specific approaches to the subject,
      • To keep the educated person safe, to follow the current practices in the sector closely and to produce appropriate solutions.
      • To raise the awareness of employees with special approaches to rescue in our trainings by foreseeing accidents that may occur due to force majeure as well as safe works to be done at the height,
      • To raise the awareness of employees about their obligations under the Labor Laws,
      • To inform employees in a comprehensive manner on PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) made available to high-level personnel.

      The aim of this module is to provide the participants with the awareness of encouraging the positive manual work behavior and the ability to perform manual work activities safely in the industrial environment according to the Manual Work regulations through theoretical and practical training.
      ·        Global and National Legislation
      ·        Risks and Hazards
      ·        The anatomy of the spine and posture
      ·        Removal of planning
      ·        Risk control and removal techniques
      ·        Behavioral Safety
      ·        Scenario-based training
      ·         Examination

      The objectives of this module are to provide basic fire prevention, theoretical and practical training to participants, to make appropriate judgments during and after the assessment of a fire, to manage the evacuation of all personnel safely and to be prepared for an uncontrollable fire and to intervene effectively with simple fire fighting equipment at the initial fire. aims to be found.
      ·         Küresel ve Ulusal Mevzuat
      ·         Ateş
      ·         Yanma nedir?
      ·         Yanma çeşitleri
      ·         Yanmanın ürünleri
      ·         Yangın nedir?
      ·         Yangın Üçgeni nedir?
      ·         Yangının oluşum safhaları
      ·         Yangının sınıfları
      ·         LPG ve doğal gaz yangınları ve korunma usulleri

      ·         Yangının çıkış sebepleri
      ·         Yangının etkenleri
      ·         Yangın türleri
      ·         Rüzgâr türbinlerinde yangın ile mücadele
      ·         Yangın söndürme maddeleri
      ·         Yangın söndürme cihazlarının çeşitleri
      ·         Yangın söndürme cihazlarının kullanılması bakım ve kontrolleri.
      ·         Yangın anında hareket tarzı
      ·         Yangın ihbar usulleri ve sonrası yapılacaklar
      ·         Acil eylem planları
      ·         Yangın tatbikat ve kaza raporları senaryolar
      ·         Yangının çevresel etkileri
      ·         Yangından korunma giysileri ve teçhizatları
      ·         Uygulamalar
      ·         Değerlendirme

      According to the First Aid module, theoretical and practical training in the wind turbine working environment is to provide the participants with the basic knowledge and skills related to emergency relief and rescue in a safe and comprehensive manner.
      ·  Küresel ve Ulusal Mevzuat

      · Anatomi

      · Bir olayın yönetimi

      ·Hayat kurtarma ilk yardım ABC Birincil inceleme

      · AED

      ·Basit ilk yardım

      ·Senaryoya dayalı eğitim

      · Değerlendirme

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